avatar for Alisa Perren

Alisa Perren

avatar for Tony Piantedosi

Tony Piantedosi

Film Juror-Comedy Vanguard
Gravitas Ventures
avatar for Terra Potts

Terra Potts

SVP Multicultural Marketing, Warner Bros
avatar for Frank Pugliese

Frank Pugliese

writer/executive producer/showrunner House of Cards; writer Shot in...
avatar for David Rabinowitz

David Rabinowitz

co-writer BlacKkKlansman
avatar for Shelby Rachleff

Shelby Rachleff

Program Manager, Westridge Foundation
avatar for Michael Rianda

Michael Rianda

writer/director The Mitchells vs. The Machines; creative director...
avatar for Pamela Ribon

Pamela Ribon

Film Juror-Animated Short
writer Moana, Smurfs: The Lost Village, Ralph Breaks The Internet:...
avatar for Taylor Richardson

Taylor Richardson

Advocate, Activist, Speaker and Philanthropist
avatar for Scott Richter

Scott Richter

moderator; President, Richter Scale Media
avatar for Brad Riddell

Brad Riddell

writer American Pie: Band Camp, Crooked Arrows, Road Trip II, Slap...
avatar for Jill Risk

Jill Risk

avatar for Ty Roberts

Ty Roberts

co-writer/ producer / director The Iron Orchard
avatar for Alvaro Rodriguez

Alvaro Rodriguez

writer From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series; co-creator/executive...
avatar for Scott Rosenberg

Scott Rosenberg

writer Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, Venom, Con Air, Beautiful Girls
avatar for Jewerl Ross

Jewerl Ross

Manager, Silent R Management
avatar for Jeff Rowe

Jeff Rowe

writer/co-director The Mitchells vs. The Machines; writer...
avatar for Tyler Russell

Tyler Russell

writer/director Texas Cotton
avatar for Liz Sarnoff

Liz Sarnoff

writer Barry, Deadwood, Lost; co-creator FOX’s Alcatraz; executive...
avatar for Ross Saxon

Ross Saxon

Head of Development, Braven Films, executive on production Magic Magic
avatar for Matt Sazama

Matt Sazama

creator/executive producer/writer Lost in Space; writer Power Rangers...
avatar for Trey Selman

Trey Selman

avatar for Beth Serlin

Beth Serlin

moderator; Associate Professor of Screenwriting, Loyola Marymount...
avatar for Ronak Shah

Ronak Shah

writer/director Love Goes Through Your Mind, Fountain of Youth, ABC...
avatar for Russell Leigh Sharman

Russell Leigh Sharman

writer Bobbie Sue; writer/director Apartment 4E; author The Tenants...
avatar for Burk Sharpless

Burk Sharpless

creator/executive producer/writer Lost in Space; writer Power Rangers...
avatar for Gabrielle Shepard

Gabrielle Shepard

writer/director Candid, Queen; producer The Homecoming, Electrogenesis
avatar for Lauren Shippen

Lauren Shippen

writer/creator The Bright Sessions
avatar for Austin Siegemund-Broka

Austin Siegemund-Broka

novelist Always Never Yours; former Journalist, Hollywood Reporter
avatar for Amanda Silver

Amanda Silver

writer/producer The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Rise of the Planet of...
avatar for Amanda Jo Smith

Amanda Jo Smith

Feature Literary Coordinator, The Gersh Agency
avatar for Brad Smith

Brad Smith

CEO, Simplecast
avatar for Michael Soll

Michael Soll

writer The Eye of Jupiter, Catalyst
avatar for Ed Solomon

Ed Solomon

writer HBO’s Mosaic, Men in Black; co-writer Bill and Ted's...
avatar for Gus Sorola

Gus Sorola

Co-Founder, Rooster Teeth Productions
avatar for Nicholas Stoller

Nicholas Stoller

co-creator Friends From College; director Forgetting Sarah Marshall,...
avatar for Tim Street

Tim Street

Vice President Influence and Production, Authentic
avatar for Fred Strype

Fred Strype

moderator; AFF Screenwriting Award-Winner; Filmmaking, Screenwriting...
avatar for Gene Stupnitsky

Gene Stupnitsky

Writer/Director, Good Boys; Writer/producer, The Office, Bad Teacher;...
avatar for Conrad Sun

Conrad Sun

TV Literary Manager, Meridian Artists
avatar for Tess Sweet

Tess Sweet

writer/director, Cleaner Daze; AFF 2017 Jury and Audience Awards,...
avatar for Lana Taylor

Lana Taylor

Director/Cinematographer/Editor Astronaut Starbright
avatar for Donald Todd

Donald Todd

executive producer/showrunner This Is Us, For The People, Mind Games;...
avatar for Brittany Tomkin

Brittany Tomkin

co-creator, Myrtle & Willoughby
avatar for Linnea Toney

Linnea Toney

avatar for Aaron Tracy

Aaron Tracy

writer/producer Sequestered, Law & Order SVU, The Tap; host To Live &...
avatar for Bill True

Bill True

writer Runaway
avatar for Gabriel Urbina

Gabriel Urbina

writer/director Wolf 359; guest writer Our Fair City, Wooden Overcoats
avatar for Ray Utarnachitt

Ray Utarnachitt

writer DC's Legends of Tomorrow, The Tomorrow People, Person of...
avatar for Oren Uziel

Oren Uziel

writer/director Shimmer Lake; writer 22 Jump Street, Freaks of...
avatar for Meta Valentic

Meta Valentic

executive producer The Donors; producer Trying Urbania; assistant...
avatar for Ashland Viscosi

Ashland Viscosi

moderator; Founder, Creatives Meet Business
avatar for Andrew Kevin Walker

Andrew Kevin Walker

writer Se7en, Sleepy Hollow, Nerdland
avatar for Michael Walker

Michael Walker

writer/director Paint, Price Check, Cut Shoot Kill, Chasing Sleep,...
avatar for Melora Walters

Melora Walters

actor The Amaranth
avatar for Jethro Waters

Jethro Waters

director F/11 and Be There, In Love’s Shadow, Remains
avatar for Chapman Way

Chapman Way

director Wild Wild Country (2018), Battered Bastards of Baseball...
avatar for Maclain Way

Maclain Way

director Wild Wild Country, New Yorker Presents: Silver Thief, The...
avatar for Michael H. Weber

Michael H. Weber

writer The Disaster Artist, (500) Days of Summer, The Spectacular...
avatar for Herschel Weingrod

Herschel Weingrod

writer Trading Places, Brewster’s Millions, Twins, Kindergarten...
avatar for Sarah Rhea Werner

Sarah Rhea Werner

podcast creator Girl in Space, Write Now
avatar for Cormac Wibberley

Cormac Wibberley

writer National Treasure, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, Bad...
avatar for Emily Wibberley

Emily Wibberley

novelist Always Never Yours
avatar for Marianne Wibberley

Marianne Wibberley

writer National Treasure, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, Bad...
avatar for Anne-Frédérique Widmann

Anne-Frédérique Widmann

Director FreeMen, documentary filmmaker & investigative journalist
avatar for Kelly Williams

Kelly Williams

Film Juror-Narrative Short
producer The Long Dumb Road, Sorry To Bother You, Hellion, A Bad...
avatar for Rebecca Windsor

Rebecca Windsor

Director, Warner Bros. Television Workshop
avatar for Ellen Winter

Ellen Winter

writer/composer/director 36 Questions (podcast musical)
avatar for Stephen Winter

Stephen Winter

director/co-writer Adventures in New America; director/writer Jason...
avatar for Bill Wittliff

Bill Wittliff

writer/producer Lonesome Dove, Raggedy Man, Country; writer The Black...
avatar for Kay S. Wolf

Kay S. Wolf

Senior Representative, Writers Guild of America West
avatar for Bryan Woods

Bryan Woods

writer/producer A Quiet Place ; writer/director Haunt, Nightlight
avatar for Linda Woolverton

Linda Woolverton

writer Beauty and The Beast (animated feature), The Lion King...
avatar for Carly Wray

Carly Wray

writer/producer Westworld, The Leftovers, Mindhunter, Mad Men
avatar for Yasemin Yilmaz

Yasemin Yilmaz

writer The Protector, The Exorcist; co-writer Lalo's House
avatar for Shelly Yo

Shelly Yo

writer/director Moonwalk With Me
avatar for Graham Yost

Graham Yost

writer Justified, The Pacific, Band of Brothers, Boomtown, Speed
avatar for Emily Zulauf

Emily Zulauf

Fiction Lead, Probably Monsters Games; Creative Development...

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