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Gary Gilbert

Director of Marketing
Austin, TX
There's an old saying in Hollywood that you can't sell a script without an agent and you can't get an agent without selling a a script. Digipitch is a patented conduit for the screenwriting industry. Our interactive repository for screenwriting ties into a moderated community that acts as an intermediary between writers, producers and agents that validates transactions within the film industry via smart contracts over the blockchain.
For writers: Post your script for producers to browse incognito. Free access to proprietary software that is like Final Draft II on steroids. Ability for the screenwriting community to critique each other improving the community using an artificial intelligence proprietary rating system.
For producers: The ability to browse scripts incognito. Reduced liability and faster, secure transactions.
Thursday, October 25

7:00pm CDT

Friday, October 26

4:00pm CDT

Saturday, October 27

7:30pm CDT

Tuesday, October 30

11:00pm CDT