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Larissa Merriman

Igaramkin Entertainment
Los Angeles
Transplanted Alaskan in Los Angeles who dreams of living in Paris. A writer, political strategist and elitist. Pitching a romantic drama script based on a short film I wrote and will direct the 2nd week of November
You can find me on twitter @lifewithlarissa, on instagram @lifewithlarissam and on linkedin. (I'm not linking through sched because they want all my connections data too.

This is my third trip to the Austin Film Festival.
Wednesday, October 24

7:00pm CDT

Thursday, October 25

11:30am CDT

1:00pm CDT

2:45pm CDT

5:00pm CDT

9:45pm CDT

11:00pm CDT

Friday, October 26

10:45am CDT

1:30pm CDT

3:15pm CDT

4:45pm CDT

7:30pm CDT

10:00pm CDT

11:00pm CDT

Saturday, October 27

9:00am CDT

10:30am CDT

12:30pm CDT

2:45pm CDT

6:00pm CDT

7:15pm CDT

11:00pm CDT

Sunday, October 28

10:00am CDT

1:15pm CDT

5:00pm CDT

7:30pm CDT