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writer Heroes, Ben 10; comic book writer
Chuck Kim got his revenge on his Korean immigrant parents for burning his comic book collection and not allowing him to watch TV—by becoming a writer in both television and comic books.
At the age of seven, Chuck was allowed to pick his “Western” name, picking Charlie after “Snoopy” was vetoed. He attended NYU and was accepted into law school. Instead, Chuck went to work for DC Comics, where he worked on many of their flagship characters such as Batman and Aquaman. One of his proudest achievements was redesigning Aquaman’s pants.
Chuck moved to Los Angeles where he wrote for Marvel, DC and Nickelodeon Comics , with characters ranging from the Powerpuff Girls to the X-Men to Superman..  He also worked at E! Online as a reporter where he broke a story that oddly enough involved the White House and Leonardo Decaprio.
Chuck got his big break when he was picked as a writing fellow in the Disney/ABC writing program.  Chuck wrote for several seasons on the hit NBC series Heroes. His animation work includes Ben 10 and Dexter’s Laboratory.
Chuck got to embrace his Korean-American heritage when he was selected by NetKAL (Network of Korean-American Leaders) to lecture in South Korea about how television is written and produced in the US. He is also working on an app to help immigrant students acclimate to the US.
Chuck lives with his husband David and their mutt of mysterious origin, Gatsby. He teaches television writing for both UCLA and Hollins University.  He now realizes that all the things that got him beaten up in school made him a successful career.