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Gabriel Urbina

writer/director Wolf 359; guest writer Our Fair City, Wooden Overcoats
Gabriel Urbina is the co-founder and creative director of Kinda Evil Genius Productions, a digital, multi-media entertainment production company. Best known for Wolf 359, a Webby-Award nominated serial audio drama that’s been downloaded seven million times in over a hundred different countries, As head writer and executive producer for the series, Gabriel wrote forty-one of Wolf 359’s sixty-one full episodes - and directed all but one episode of the series - earning various production and writing awards over the series’s four-year run. His writing has also been featured on other internationally acclaimed audio dramas, such as Wooden Overcoats and Our Fair City. Gabriel has also worked in education, teaching classes and workshops on creative writing and radio production. To find out more about his work, visit www.gabrielurbina.com.