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actor Texas Cotton, Troll 2
Originally a dentist by trade, Hardy was practicing in Salt Lake City when he auditioned for Troll 2 at the urging of some of his patients. He ended up winning the role of farmer Michael Waits, head of the family that falls victim to the titular villains. After the film's dismal reception following a direct-to-video release, he returned to practicing dentistry full-time and did not pursue acting any further. Word of mouth slowly spread about Troll 2 regarding how laughably poor it was, allowing a loyal fanbase to develop. This reached a head with the Upright Citizens Brigade's 2006 "Troll 2 Experience" screening, where Hardy was thrust back into the limelight as a guest of honor (along with several other cast members). He and fellow co-star Michael Stephenson collaborated shortly thereafter on the behind-the-scenes documentary Best Worst Movie (2009). This film has gone on to receive widespread critical and audience acclaim and was the centerpiece of an international tour that both Hardy and Stephenson engaged in between 2009 and 2010. Following the success of Best Worst Movie, Hardy revived his acting career and has been involved in numerous projects including Texas Cotton & Goblin 2.

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