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2018 Extraordinary Contribution to Film Award Recipient
As American International Pictures' primary director, Corman's success built the company into a major force in Hollywood. Appalled by the intrinsic waste of time and money, as well as executive interference, Corman opted out of the major studio system. In 1970s, he founded his own production and distribution company, New World Pictures. New World's first year in operation astonished even Corman, as all eleven pictures distributed showed substantial profits.

New World rapidly grew into the largest independent motion picture distribution
company in the United States. In addition to providing the public with such fast-paced entertainment as BIG BAD MAMA and EAT MY DUST, or cult films such as ROCK AND ROLL HIGH SCHOOL, New World soon became the independent leader in presenting high-quality foreign films to the American public. New World releases included Academy Award-winning films by Ingmar Bergman, Francois Truffaut, Federico Fellini, Akira Kurosawa, and Werner Herzog.

In January of 1983, Roger Corman decided to sell New World Pictures. The sale
allowed him to continue producing films without simultaneously managing a
gigantic distribution company. It also enabled him to produce more movies with
larger budgets. The day after he sold New World, Corman announced the formation
of his new company, Concorde-New Horizons. In the year that followed, he released
five new films: the teen comedy SCREWBALLS, the sci-fi adventure SPACE RAIDERS,
the sword and sorcery epic DEATHSTALKER, the punk teen drama SUBURBIA,
directed by Penelope Spheeris, and LOVE LETTERS starring Jamie Lee Curtis.
Concorde's releases include the critically acclaimed REFLECTIONS IN THE DARK,
starring Mimi Rogers and Billy Zane and Paul Anderson's SHOPPING. For
Showtime's "Roger Corman Presents", he showcased such films as ALIEN
AVENGERS starring George Wendt, BLACK SCORPION II starring Joan Severence,
HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP starring Robert Carradine and VAMPIRELLA starring
Roger Daltry.

In 1990, Roger Corman wrote (with Jim Jerome) his autobiography "How I Made a
Hundred Movies in Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime", published by Random

More than 50 years after his first foray into filmmaking, Roger Corman shows no
signs of stopping. He continues to produce films and gain recognition for his vast
array of accomplishments. In 2009, Corman received an Honorary Oscar of Lifetime
Achievement from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences “for his rich
engendering of films and filmmakers.”
Roger Corman lives in Santa Monica with his wife, producer Julie Corman, and four