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Stephen Kinigopoulos

director/writer/editor Fishbowl
Stephen Kinigopoulos (30) Baltimore bred, Nashville based, had his first taste of the film industry when he was 14 years old. With his mother being Hair dept. head on HBO's "The Wire" , Stephen would frequently be on set where he has also met his mentor, Executive producer of HBO's "The Wire" & "The Deuce" George Pelecanos. He always was in love with movies, but as a youngin' "Jurassic Park" stole the show. 

After graduating Full Sail University with a bachelors degree in film and science Stephen moved to into a hotel room in New Orleans, with his mother, while she was hair dept. head on HBO's "Treme". Stephen went to all the production offices looking for work with "no film experience able to be listed," so he wrote with a big sharpie "Will work my ass off for you" on a piece of printing paper. And that's how he landed his first movie as a production assistant on Brad Pitt's "Killing Them Softly".

After a few hundred coffees made in the production world, Stephen decided to direct. It was the time to start making his own movies with friends and crew members he met along his journey from Film school to New Orleans. This journey lead to, most recently his first feature "Fishbowl" (co-directed with his sister, Alexa Kinigopoulos & written by friend and consistent collaborator Piero S. Iberti) & "DC Noir" (written by George Pelecanos) an installment of short films. Between movies Stephen writes and directs commercials, with clients including the Washington Redskins. It wasn't long before music videos sparked an interest in him, leading Stephen to Nashville, TN with his sister/photographer and co-director, Alexa Kinigopoulos. The brother sister duo have made strides in Nashville photographing and directing music videos for grammy winning artist, Kacey Musgraves & Ruston Kelly and are working together currently to bring their unique, authentic, and spiritual visions to the screen.