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Yasemin Yilmaz

writer The Protector, The Exorcist; co-writer Lalo's House
Yasemin Yilmaz goes where the story takes her. She was born in Turkey and immigrated to California with her family when she was fourteen years old. A hundred episodes of Pokémon, four Harry Potter novels, and six months later, she spoke English like a native. Being bicultural, Yasemin has found herself drawn to opposing fields. She’s endlessly fascinated by human mythology and mysticism, as well as scientific innovation and the future of technology. She is a student of the ancient art of molybdomancy (lead pouring and became a master fortuneteller all while she was a pre-med student at UCLA and worked for a US government defense contractor selling F-16 aircraft parts. Yasemin holds an MFA in Writing for Film and Television at the University of Southern California, where she was awarded the Alfred P. Sloan Screenwriting Fellowship. Bringing her understanding of diverse cultures, she’s written scripts set in China, Italy, Haiti and many more places. Yasemin was selected to participate in the Fox Writers Intensive and became a staff writer on the critically acclaimed series, The Exorcist. She’s gone on to write for Netflix’s first original Turkish series, The Protector.